How Social Media Has Changed Professionalism

This week I’d like to talk aboutwitter logot the affects that social media has on the professional world and how each person has a responsibility to take part in that idea. Social media has increasingly become popular with the rise of popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Most people use these websites for personal enjoyment, keeping up with friends and family or creeping on other people’s perfacebook logosonal lives. Recently we have seen a trend that has come about that has linked professional employers to Facebook. More businesses are creating Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as potential employers looking at your accounts when looking to hire. As a manager at the student union on campus, I have been one of those employers who look at the Facebook pages of my employees as well as potential new hires. When I was going through the profiles, I saw many pages that I considered professional and that I would consider hiring. On the flip side of that, I also saw many profiles that were covered in “filth” and that really hurt them when ranked on a list compared to their peers. I know in my sorority we strongly urge our members to keep their social media sites clean, as you never know who is watching, as well as they are representing our chapter as a whole. In addition to looking at social media outlets, professional networking has taken off with the creation of LinkedIn, a networking site that connects all of the professionals you meet across the world. This essentially creates a virtual resume for employers to see and gives an edge to that future employee.

Below is the link for the professional networking website LinkedIn:

Check out to “clean” your Facebook or Twitter account


The New Generation of Agriculture Media

The first speaker from last week was the managing editor of Ozarks Farm & Neighbor, Lynzee Glass, who is a Missouri State University graduate with a major in agricultural communications. Lynzee spoke about the trials that she has faced with expanding her subscriber base with a Facebook page for her business. Her main issue was the demographic for her newspaper: middle aged farmers who more than likely don’t have a Facebook page. She has overcome this by posting not only funny pictures and random facts, but news storieofns that are unable to make to publish on time. She also talked a lot about freelance writing for Ozarks Farm & Neighbor, which as a communications major, would be beneficial. Lynzee also gave us a really good example of networking in a real-life application. She told us the story of how she ended up at Ozarks Farm & Neighbor which summarized briefly consists of her previous editor living next door to her current employer and them talking about her skills and work. The last two things that I really enjoyed about Lynzee’s talk is about how she used social media to reach a lot of different ages: funny pictures and the highlights on area farms.

Here is a link to Ozark Farm & Neighbor’s Facebook page:

The second speaker was Christy Diebold, who handles marketing for Springfield Leather Company. She is the teacher’s assistant for our class, and she gave a presentation on social media and how she built her page. I took a lot from this presentation because I am just beginning to build a Facebook page for my place of business (which doesn’t have many followers yet). I thought that Christy gave good advice about Hoot Suite, a software program that can be used to schedule posts and gives insight to how your page is being used. Another thing Christy touched on is the fact that she has no budget to build the page or advertise for Springfield Leather Company. She has built her page to over 1,000 likes through pictures and posts. Something I especially took away is the weekly saga with the chihuahuas and the video series. I think that that was a very innovative idea that keeps people coming back to the page looking for new posts. Lastly, she has a lot of good ideasslc for the website and incorporating what is on the website with what is on Facebook was a good idea as well.

Here is a link to Springfield Leather Company’s Facebook page: