Travels… Not Safe, but Travels

This past weekend one of my fellow agriculture students and I traveled to Kansas City, Missouri for the 52nd annual Western Farm Show. The purpose of this trip was to work for Brownfield Ag News, based out of Jefferson City, Mo. as employees working their booth at the show. When we began our trek, we  had no idea how much snow that northern Missouri had really gotten, but we found out quickly. We did fine in the snow, but the outermost lane of most highways in Kansas City were at least halfway covered in snow or ice. We finWestern Farm Showally arrived to  set up our booth, and meet Brownfield employees about an hour later. Their mission was to interview vendors at the show and report on their radio networks and websites events and happenings throughout the day. After watching them for a couple hours, and finishing out the day with a cheesy pretzel, it was time to check in to the hotel. We stayed at an averagely nice hotel, nothing too flamboyant. We checked in and decided to get something to eat. We chose some “hole in the wall” restaurant that is native to Kansas City, and they turned out to have some really great food. It was very different than everything we have in smaller places like my hometown, but it was well worth the curiosity. We settled in for the night after dinner and like good students, worked on a lot of homework and went to bed. The next day brought new adventures in actually getting to experience talking to farmers of all different ages and getting to see how Brownfield’s mobile app could help them in what they do. The app consists of customized weather, market reports and news and is available on both Android and iPhone operating systems. It was neat to see the older generation embracing the technology and the younger one utilizing it to it’s full advantages. The Western Farm Show definitely opened my eyes to see that agriculture has taken on a new persona in being a technological career field. It was definitely a good experience to see a lot of agriculturalists in one place, showcasing what they do best: advance the technology to feed the world.