The Blasted 7 Pin!

This week I’d like to talk about the experiences that I’ve had as a manager at the Level 1 Game Center at the Plaster Student Union on campus. I will admit that this experience started out a little rocky, and I didn’t perform at my best. Eventually I learned that the things that were holding me back were my lack of confidence in employee relations as well as the intimidation that the position brought. The manager is responsible not only for filling out necessary paperwork for the game center, but also disciplining employees, scheduling and working with higher management in team meetings. When I started at this position, I had high expectations of myself to be perfect.

The Level 1 Game Center from behind the lanes

The Level 1 Game Center from behind the lanes

As time went on, I saw that I was not performing at the standard I knew I could. If you were to compare me to a game of bowling, I would be leaving the seven pin, the impossible pin, at the end of every throw. I was letting things like being the youngest employee at the entire establishment and my inexperience in discipline getting in my way. Christmas break came and went, and after that it finally began to click. I became confident in my abilities, was asked to perform more management tasks, and now I am using the skills I have learned in my public relations class to create a marketing plan for this business. I could finally say that I hit that blasted seven pin at least on one throw, I was starting to get it.

This experience ties back to my agricultural communications degree program because that is what I hope to be doing when I graduate from college; organizational communication and public relations for agriculture companies. I know that having managerial skills and the will to persevere through the rough patch I had in the beginning will increase my marketability in the future for the career that I have decided to pursue.