How Blogging Has Helped Me Grow

This semester in PR in Agriculture, we have had to blog every week about various topics. I never knew what kinds of opportunities it would bring or how much it has helped me tell my story. Before this class, there was no way that I would be able to do my job effectively and efficiently as I do now. One of the main tasks that I have been assigned at one of my jobs is to create a social media marketing plan that will be implemented next fall. With projects such as the social media campaign that is currently in progress, I have gained skills that I can use to make my place of employment successful. I now have a LinkedIn profile, which I learned about in this class, that has connected me to people where I would like to go to graduate school, as well as employers that I have to use as an arsenal of references in the future. With the speakers we have had such as Judy Graf (FarmNWife), I have learned how to blog effectively and efficiently to where I can perform my job with the school of agriculture and write blog posts for them. The coursework I have done in this class has given me experience that I can put on a resume and be more marketable for future employers in positions in my field. Not many people think about the positive impact that social media and blogging can have within agriculture. This allows us to tell our story and get a positive message across for our industry.


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