On Top of Mount Stressful

looking at peach

Me and my horse Peach, the ultimate stress relief during hard times

This week has been nothing but stressful. With the end of the semester winding to an end, there are projects due, tests to take, and tasks within organizations that have to be finished. With all these things, plus the stress of the declining health of family members, stress management has become quite the skill of mine as of late. Having to juggle the three clubs I am a member of, 16 hours of schoolwork, two jobs, and worrying about my family, I have made quite the strategy by trial and error as well as using the experience of others. One of the main ways to relieve stress for me is to ride my horse, Peach. She has been that escape that I have needed oh so often lately. This past Sunday I called my best friend and my parents and told them where I was and turned off my phone. I was able to escape the world’s problems for just a few hours. Another method that I have learned is to mediate. I used to think that meditation was one of those things that hippies did and that was a complete joke. I have come to find out that it is not only therapeutic and helps with stress relief, but I have felt the positive health improvements that it has brought. I am able to focus better in classes, I have more energy throughout the day, and not only are my grades improving, I have more motivation to do the tasks assigned to me. The next time you or anyone you know are stressed, I urge you to recommend that they find an outlet for that stress. Ride a horse, mediate, whatever works, just make sure that the outlet is positive for themselves and others.


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