Blogging 101 by a Farming Wife

Judy Graf

Judy Graf or “FarmNWife” at home with her John Deere Tractor

This week in my public relations class we had a guest speaker by the name of Judy Graf. She has built her blogging “business” from the ground up and is now one of the top agricultural blogs that are followed on WordPress. During her talk last Wednesday, she gave a lot of useful tips that we can use as beginning bloggers. One of those were the top five items that a blog should have: tag line, about areas, contact page, call to action and fast load time. These tips can go a long way in not only the ibloggingnitial design stages of a blog, but maintenance over time as well. The item that I did not think about when I was designing my blog was the call to action. Now that Judy has informed me of the importance of this, follow my blog! In addition, Judy gave unarguable statistics pertaining to businesses that blog. This especially is pertinent to me because I am in the process of revamping my employers’ marketing situation. I think a blog would be a good addition to the bowling alley that I work at, with tips on bowling, billiards and special events. The last item that really hit home for me during Judy’s talk was that she didn’t come from a “blogging” background. She decided to tell her family’s story simply for nostalgia purposes and created a web page that novices like myself look to for guidance. In addition, Judy blogs for her family’s farm, telling what goes on around the farm and what kind of production they do. Judy Graf has become an inspiration to anyone who thinks they can’t learn to blog.


Check out her page at:


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